Mirror Maze on iPhone

Are you ready for a new, fun, and challenging take on maze games? With Mirror Maze, your movements are mirrored as you try to complete mazes of varying complexity and difficulty.

Mirror Maze 2.0 is packed with seven game types and 250+ unique mazes, ranging from simple to complex!

Available now on the App Store and Google Play!

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7 Game Types

Whether you want to simply find your way through the mazes or be challenged along the way, Mirror Maze has 7 different game types to spice things up.


Learn how to play the game by casually finding your way through the mazes. Basic starts with small, simple mazes, then graduates to larger, more complex mazes.


Each maze in Collector has four gems that you must collect before the goal will reveal itself. The first few mazes are to warm you up, then they start getting serious!


Don't believe your eyes with Illusion! Some walls are invisible. Other walls are magic and let you pass through. It's your job to find your way through to the goal!


Don't fall behind! Once you begin, the mazes move along at a steady pace. Whether you are keeping up or not!

Mirror Maze on iPhone
Mirror Maze on iPhone


Time to run the gauntlet! Get to the goal without touching any of the gauntlet walls!


Hope you're not afraid of the dark! With Flashlight, you only see what the flashlight illuminates! Try to find the goal without being able to see very far!


You never know what you're going to get with Chaos! All of the other game types converge to bring you mazes of complete and utter chaos!